Grower Testimonials
Chad Cagle
HydraFiber Heroes: Chad Cagle, Colorpoint LLC, Kentucky
The Head Grower at Colorpoint of Kentucky shares how his team didn't need to make any growing or cultural practices to incorporate HydraFiber into the mix.
Grower Testimonials
jose navarijo
HydraFiber Heroes: Jose Navarijo, South Central Growers, Inc.
R&D Manager at South Central Growers discusses the consistency HydraFiber has provided in growing healthy plants.
Grower Testimonials
Tim Vanerhengst
HydraFiber Heroes: Tim Van Der Hengst, South Central Growers, Inc.
The Head of Production at South Central Growers talks about how HydraFiber has been a game changer for them.
Grower Testimonials
Ron Vanderhengst
HydraFiber Heroes: Ron Van Der Hengst, South Central Growers, Inc.
The President of Operations at South Central Growers shares how well his HydraFiber trial went and tips for anyone looking to do the same.
Grower Testimonials
fernando hernandez
HydraFiber Heroes: Fernando Hernandez, Colorpoint LLC, Illinois
The Operations Manager of Colorpoint Illinois discusses the easy transition to HydraFiber in their Chicago greenhouse.
Grower Testimonials
Hydrafiber Heros Brent Troost
HydraFiber Heroes: Brent Troost, Colorpoint LLC, Illinois
Head Grower, Brent Troost, of Colorpoint Illinois, shares how easy his transition to HydraFiber was.
Grower Testimonials
how growers are evolving
How Growers are Evolving to HydraFiber
Hear HydraFiber success stories from growers all across the country.
HydraFiber Product Information
Game changing substrate
HydraFiber - The Game-Changing Substrate
See how HydraFiber is changing the game for growers everywhere.
HydraFiber Trials
PDF download
Poinsettia Trial (Auburn University)
Dr. Glenn Fain outlines how much HydraFiber to use in your mixes.
HydraFiber Trials
poinsettia propagation trial
Poinsettia Propagation Trial
A trial comparing propagation of poinsettias with mixes containing substrates at different percentages.
Water Management
PDF download
The Sustainability of HydraFiber
Tips on how to take advantage of the sustainability of HydraFiber.
Water Management
water management
Water Management
From 2018 CULTIVATE, Daniel Norden gives you an honest take on what changes you may have to make when switching to HydraFiber.
Water Management
developing a quality control program
Developing a quality control program for wettability in mixed products
Learn how to achieve the right moisture content in your mix and how to test if your mix is properly hydrated.
Water Management
peat vs hydrafiber
Wettability: Peat vs. HydraFiber demonstration
This float test highlights the differences between the wettability of peat and HydraFiber.
Growing with HydraFiber
production tips
HydraFiber Production Tips
Daniel Norden's spring production webinar sharing HydraFiber production tips to make a seamless transition to HydraFiber.