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Wes Martin

Wes MartinVice President - Horticulture/Lawn & Garden

“I consider myself to be extremely customer-focused in everything that I do for the business. When our customers feel valued, and find greater levels of success because of our products, I think we’ve done our job as a partner and a supplier.”

Wes Martin is the Vice President Horticulture/Lawn & Garden for Profile Products LLC. In this role, Wes works to create new and unique business opportunities for the company. Wes brings a customer-first mentality to the business, where he focuses his time on business development and portfolio management including new customer acquisition; product development; strategic growth; and execution of key initiatives for the business. Wes has over 20 years of industry experience including sales and sales leadership; organizational management; P&L leadership; product development and distribution.


  • Wes began his career with Pennington Seed and Central Garden and Pet where he led significant growth initiatives across the Independent Retail, Key Account, Professional Turfgrass, and Garden Vendor Partner Business Units
  • Wes holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entomology from Clemson University, and an MBA from the University of Georgia-Terry College of Business
  • He is a die-hard Clemson football fan and will happily talk about the two most recent Tiger championships, if given the chance

TALK TO WES: WMartin@profileproducts.com

Jennifer Neujahr

Jennifer NeujahrSenior Director of Business Development

“It's been very exciting to join the Profile Products family of soil amendment experts and wood fiber technologies to launch the HydraFiber brand and bring this ground-breaking innovation to the horticulture sector. I’m proud to be a catalyst for change in the soil and media industry.”

Jennifer leads the effort to revolutionize the commercial hort industry by supplying leading growers with game-changing HydraFiber products for their substrates. She is focused on putting new products, processes and technologies into place for customers in the North American and international markets.


  • Almost 30 years of industry experience
  • Kansas State University grad
  • MBA from Northern Illinois University
  • Never lets obstacles get in the way of meeting goals!

TALK TO JENNIFER: JNeujahr@profileproducts.com

Chad Keel

Chad KeelNational Sales Manager

“Joining the Profile Products team after 15 great years with Florikan, has been fantastic. At Florikan, we took pride in providing our industry with products that could help growers improve plant production. Now with Profile, our horticultural team fits that same passionate mindset while offering additional products to our industry. Our goal is to listen to our customer’s needs, then work to be a resource to our customers and assist them in more efficient production which will help them financially.”


  • Over 25 years of industry experience
  • Graduate of the University of Tennessee - Business
  • 3rd generation horticulturist
  • Experience in many areas of horticulture including sales, management, growing, retail and landscape

TALK TO CHAD: CKeel@profileproducts.com

Shahin Ashraf

Shahin AshrafWestern Sales Manager & Peat Specialist  

“I am passionate about our customers and their success. My goal has always been to build long term relationships with our partners by focusing on the basics 1) Listen to our customer needs, 2) Explore practical options that are best suited to address those challenges, and 3) Develop and execute long-term strategic solutions that drive value for our customers and the company. At the end of the day, if our customers are successful, then we’ve accomplished our goal.”

Shahin serves as Western Sales Manager & Peat Specialist where he is focused on driving sales for our line of HydraFiber products as well as Sunterra Peat Moss to growers, blenders and allied trade members. Given his years of experience, Shahin has extensive industry knowledge of the customer base and unique regional needs. His ability to understand everyday challenges facing our customers and to be a valuable resource in providing solutions is a differentiating factor in setting Profile Products apart versus competition. Bringing value to our customer is his ultimate goal.


  • 26 years of industry experience
  • Shahin began his career with Sun Gro Horticulture where he became part of the key management team to lead strategic initiatives in all key aspects of the business in the Western region
  • Holds a BA in Business from University of San Diego and an MBA from Seattle University
  • He appreciates family, an everyday laugh and the ability to enjoy the great outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

TALK TO SHAHIN: SAshraf@profileproducts.com

Daniel Norden

Daniel NordenSenior R&D Manager and Technical Specialist Manager

“My team is the “middle man” between growers and our R&D team. I partner with current and potential customers to recommend the best formulas, offer product advice and promote best cultural practices. On the flip side, we take what we learn in the greenhouse and work with R&D to solve any pain points our growers have.”

Daniel is equally passionate about plants and about helping customers succeed, whether it’s through new and novel products, ensuring high quality standards, or offering objective and timely tech support. His expertise in substrates makes him the “go-to” guy for setting up and evaluating HydraFiber trials.


  • 14 years of industry experience
  • Master and Bachelor degrees in Horticultural Science from North Carolina State University
  • Great knowledge of the floriculture, edible/vegetable and ornamental industries

TALK TO DANIEL: DNorden@profileproducts.com

Nathan Carney

Nathan CarneyBusiness Development Manager

“My top priority is making sure that growers are successful with both their equipment and their crop culture.”

Nate makes regular site visits to support growers and ensure they’re seeing maximum results from their HydraFiber Processing Unit: highest yields from every bale, correct blends, and successful pot and container filling. In addition, he sets up trials, reviews production and provides best-results growing advice. Nate also assists with our key blending partners and international accounts.


  • 15 years of industry experience
  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College grad
  • Extensive knowledge of several systems

TALK TO NATE: NCarney@profileproducts.com

Michael Moore

Michael MooreEquipment Support Specialist – Horticulture

“I am fascinated by all things equipment, technology and automation, within the horticulture, agriculture and controlled environments industries. My goal is to be a solid, technical resource for our customers on their horticultural equipment, so they can be successful and profitable.”

Michael serves as an Equipment Support Specialist within Profile’s Horticulture Sales Team. In his role, Michael works to provide technical support to growers and blenders utilizing HydraFiber and HydraFiber Processing Equipment. Michael is extremely customer focused and spends most of his time in the field, face-to-face with growers and blenders to ensure they are optimizing their use of HydraFiber.


  • 12 years of industry experience
  • Graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Turfgrass Science and minor in Soil Science
  • Expertise in controlled environment agriculture, greenhouse management, automation and horticultural equipment in both R&D and production settings.

TALK TO MICHAEL: MMoore@profileproducts.com

Floren Arriaga

Floren ArriagaTechnical Rep

“I decided at an early age to study biology not knowing it was going to help me later on in my life with my true passion: horticulture. I’m very fortunate to do what I love with a team that also shares my passion. Learning new Profile technologies on media substrates allows me to be better to guide and direct my customers to be more efficient growers. The positive impact we have in our society makes me extremely proud. My time in the horticulture industry has been a great journey and a very rewarding experience; the best is yet to come!”

Floren has served as a sales representative in the South Florida market since 2016. Having lived in that area since 1992, she brings extensive knowledge of the region, making her a terrific asset to grower customers. She is excited to bring the entire portfolio of Profile Products to her customers, with whom she has cultivated longstanding relationships built on knowledge and trust.


  • 35+ years of industry experience in all areas such as retail, wholesale, landscaping, growing and as a nursery owner
  • Graduate from the University of Miami with a double major in Biology and Marine Science
  • Floren is a travel enthusiast and enjoys learning about new cultures and food

TALK TO FLOREN: FArriaga@profileproducts.com

Dale Bradshaw

Dale BradshawRegional Sales Manager

“It is no accident that I have worked in the horticulture industry for the past 37 years. Growing up I quickly found a kinship with the people who opted to grow plants. At heart, I enjoy every aspect of horticulture. I continue to propagate plants every season and horticulture is more than a job, it is my vocation.”

Dale has a passion for learning about plants and growing techniques. He is interested in the how and why of plant production as well as how different products and techniques can be used to improve the production and quality of horticultural crops. Dale uses this knowledge to offer production cycle-specific recommendations on fertilizer products and soils. He realized when first introduced to HydraFiber that this was a product with a potential to transform the green industry. 


  • 37 years of industry experience as a grower, propagator, manager and always a hobbyist
  • Graduate of The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute
  • Collects, propagates and grows unusual ornamental plants as a hobby

TALK TO DALE: DBradshaw@profileproducts.com

Kevin Branch

Kevin BranchRegional Sales Manager / KAM

“It’s been exciting to see the family of solutions under Profile Products grow to provide the industry with better and more sustainable media substrates. I have always prided myself on being able to help customers find unique solutions for their specific needs – and with a robust family of horticulture solutions, I am more poised to do that than ever!”


  • 22+ years of industry experience
  • Graduate of the University of Georgia – B.S. and M.S. degrees
  • Grew up on a farm in southern Georgia
  • Enjoys hiking, fishing and spending time with his wife and kids. You can find Kevin on the trails, on the water or at a ball field in his free time.

TALK TO KEVIN: KBranch@profileproducts.com

Ross Chester

Ross ChesterTechnical Rep

“I take great satisfaction in being there for my customers. I love working with a grower to make sure their job is easy, and I also love getting out into the field to see their story. Everyone has a story about how and why they do what they do, and I love being able to be a part of that success.”

Ross started off in the industry growing tomatoes, and then moved into the world of hydroponics. As he progressed in his career, he has spent time in retail horticulture, greenhouse production of seedling vegetables, landscape project management, and finally spent time working as Head of Horticulture and Operations at a botanical garden before joining our team.


  • 10 years of industry experience
  • Ross’s career started in organic vegetable production specializing in heirloom tomato production for wholesale buyers
  • You can find Ross at home buried in a project in the yard or playing the guitar. When fall hits, you will find him cheering for the Alabama Crimson Tide every Saturday

TALK TO ROSS: RChester@profileproducts.com

Hunter Hoyme

Hunter HoymeTechnical Rep

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. I believe HydraFiber has developed a quality product in the substrate space, and I am thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of this innovation.”

Hunter serves as one of the horticulture technical reps for the Florida territory. He was brought on with the Florikan CRF team, where he developed experience in multiple levels of the controlled release fertilizer space. He plans to approach each customer with the intent to help solve problems and achieve new goals within the horticulture industry. Hunter has a natural kick for communication, clear expectations and customer service. 


  • 2 years of industry experience
  • Graduate of the University of Arkansas with a B.S. in Finance
  • Experience in multiple areas of the horticulture industry such as sales, quality control and accounting

TALK TO HUNTER: HHoyme@profileproducts.com

Kristan McGuigan

Kristan McGuiganTechnical Representative – Central US

"I work directly with our grower customers and engage in proactive discussions to make sure that they feel comfortable, successful and profitable growing with HydraFiber."

Kristan knows growing from start to finish – she has spent 20 years in the Ornamental Horticulture industry, nine of those as a grower herself. Today, she develops best practice manuals for our HydraFiber growers, troubleshoots any production issues, and compiles trial data/photos to capture their HydraFiber story.


  • 30 years of industry experience
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College grad
  • Knows the hort industry from several sides: production, landscaping and retail

TALK TO KRISTAN: KMcguigan@profileproducts.com

Gladys Opiyo

RGladys Opiyoegional Sales Manager Northeast US

"I Iove being out in the greenhouse, and I really look forward to working side by side with growers large and small to make this exciting new substrate a part of their program!"

Gladys strengthens the HydraFiber team by interacting directly with our grower customers in all facets of producing in HydraFiber. Before joining us, she worked for some of the largest growers in the United States across a variety of crop types and offers a broad and valuable knowledge of the horticulture industry.


  • 18 years of industry experience
  • Holds an M.S. in Horticulture and Crop Science from The Ohio State University and a B.S. in Agronomic Engineering from EARTH University in Costa Rica
  • Ready to share her expertise in crop production, field and greenhouse research, management and marketing

TALK TO GLADYS: GOpiyo@profileproducts.com

Jeremy Woodside

Jeremy WoodsideRegional Sales Manager

“I’m very excited about all of the product brands and people coming together under one umbrella of Profile Products. This creates an amazing opportunity for growers and distributors at all levels to purchase from a single company with a reputation for quality and service.”

Jeremy has a passion for growing plants. He enjoys traveling in his territory working hand in hand with his grower. He also enjoys learning and sharing information with his customers. While Jeremy loves all aspects of growing, he is excited to have fertilizer and substrates available through Profile. 


  • 35 years of industry experience
  • Graduate of Middle Tennessee State University majoring in Agricultural Business

TALK TO JEREMY: JWoodside@profileproducts.com

Laurence Pallez

Digital Marketing Specialist

"I am looking forward to sharing my horticulture experience with our customers and reconnecting with my grower friends. I am very excited to be part of HydraFiber’s novel technology and can’t wait to do my part to grow the business"

Laurence joins the team with a focus on delivering positive customer experiences. Working from Profile’s Illinois headquarters, she will help current and potential grower customers make their transition to HydraFiber as seamless as possible. Laurence knows the horticulture business from several perspectives, with 12 years of experience working for industry leaders in crop management, new products development and product marketing. She will also help our internal team by identifying key customer insights and trends, serve as HUB site manager and oversee database maintenance. 


  • 22 years of industry experience
  • Holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from University Louis Pasteur in France and an M.S. in Horticulture from Oklahoma State University 
  • Multi-lingual – you can chat with Laurence in English, French and Spanish

TALK TO LAURENCE: LPallez@profileproducts.com

Reid Smith

Reid SmithResearch Scientist

"It is my pleasure to be working on the front lines regarding the launch of new, exciting products as well as maintaining the high quality of existing products. In research, we’re always looking for ways to ensure customers get the best value, performance and experience from their substrates."

Reid helps in leading the Profile Products Research Team in planning, executing and analyzing horticultural and agronomic trials on both new and existing products across all businesses. Along with assisting in all aspects of R&D, Reid participates in hosting customers onsite, as well as managing special projects across the Profile business.


  • 14 years of industry experience
  • Clemson University grad, with a B.S. in Horticulture, Cum Laude

TALK TO REID: RSmith@profileproducts.com

Ryan Knauer

Head Grower

"I’m thrilled to join the Profile Products research team, where I will apply my 10 years of Production Greenhouse Grower experience to nurturing plants and problem solving in a research setting."

Ryan oversees all of the crop production in the R&D Greenhouses in Conover, NC. Before joining the HydraFiber family, he spent six years at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA as a Horticultural Specialty Grower, where he managed greenhouse crews and greenhouse space devoted to stock plants, propagation and finishing; developed new displays and greenhouse techniques; and interacted with guests to the Gardens through tours, presentations and other community engagement. He has also gained experience with several leading growers around the U.S. during his career.


  • 14 years of industry experience
  • Holds a B.S. in Horticulture from Clemson University
  • Ryan is a self-proclaimed plant nerd and describes himself as “naturally curious”

TALK TO RYAN: RKnauer@profileproducts.com