HydraFiber Ultra

HydraFiber Ultra Bale

Ultra Bale

Reduce shipping costs and improve inventory management with highly compressed bales available in three formulations. 

HydraFiber Ultra Tower

Ultra Tower

Strengthen your supply and increase economies with HydraFiber Ultra towers: available for both 160 WB and 365 WB formulations.

HydraFiber EZ Blend

ez blend bale

EZ Blend Bale

For space-saving and smaller operations, try the 40-pound EZ Blend bales.


EZ Blend Tower

For maximum efficiency in freight, storage, and processing, try our 95-cubic-foot EZ Blend towers.

More From HydraFiber

hydraterra tower


Create optimum growing conditions for your nursery or greenhouse crops with this powerful blend of HydraFiber and premium Canadian Sphagnum peat moss.

specialty short fiber bag

Specialty Short Fiber

Ideal for propagation, filling smaller cells more easily, this engineered substrate component features fine strand, short fibers that can be easily blended with peat or coir.

pro blend growing mix bag

PRO Growing Mix

A preblended option for growers and blenders combining HydraFiber Engineered Media + Sunterra Canadian Sphagnum peat. 

sample box


Ready to start your move toward better profit margins and plants? Horticultural professionals engaged in commercial production are encouraged to request a free product sample kit.

If you’re interested in HydraFiber® Engineered Media, complete a sample request form to see first-hand how our engineered fibers and blends can change your operation.