HydraFiber Ultra Processing Equipment

An important feature of HydraFiber Ultra is that it comes compressed and packaged in 50-lb. bales with a 13:1 expansion rate. That’s key to reducing your shipping costs, saving storage space and unloading fewer trucks. AgriNomix in Oberlin, Ohio – industry leaders in greenhouse manufacturing equipment – developed the HydraFiber processing units to fit easily into most existing mix lines. These machines are designed to return the HydraFiber Ultra bales to their fibrous state and maximize the yield of each bale, producing 1.1 cubic yards of singulated fibrous material that’s ready to blend with other components.

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Watch our short video to see the HydraFiber processing equipment in action.

HydraFiber Expander (HE) Unit

HydraFiber Expander (HE) Unit*

Best for Growers with One to Two Planting Lines

25-cubic-yards per hour

  • Durable performance in a compact, smaller-footprint unit
  • Easy to self-install into most existing mix lines
  • Can be fed directly from your bale shaver or mix line
  • Blends HydraFiber Ultra with a single substrate
HydraFiber Processing Unit (HPU)

HydraFiber Processing Unit (HPU)*

Best for Regional Blenders and Growers

100-cubic-yards per hour

  • Maximizes HydraFiber Ultra yield and uniformity
  • Can be employed as the blending line mixer chamber
  • Industrial computer with “per call” variable HydraFiber Ultra ratio control when used with full recipe mix system
  • Touch screen with bale counter and maintenance reminders
  • Stainless steel mix chamber
Extra Wide HydraFiber Processing Unit

Extra Wide HydraFiber Processing Unit*

Large-Volume Custom Unit Available; Best for High-Capacity Blenders and Growers
  • Dual bale in-feed doubles your throughput of exceptionally blended mix
  • Variable speed direct drive for every roller allows for individual speed control and minimizes maintenance and component wear


Vacuum Lift Assembly

Vacuum Lift Assembly

  • Vacuum-operated lift assists in lifting HydraFiber bales, fertilizer, lime and more
  • Can usually be mounted to a nearby column
Universal Soil Conditioner

Universal Soil Conditioner*

  • Recommended for optimal fill with all HydraFiber Products
  • Innovative appliance controls soil flow out of the hopper, removing clumps from soil to improve and simplify pack filling
  • Universal mounting hardware allows it to be mounted on virtually any hopper-over-belt filler
  • Getting Proper Fill – Improve Flow with the Universal Soil Conditioner Watch Video

NOTE: Machine photos are for illustrative purposes only. All HydraFiber bales must have plastic removed for processing.

* Patent Pending