Profile Products’ HydraFiber Earns Prestigious RHP Certification

July 14, 2022

RHP LogoProfile Products’ HydraFiber® is the first United States-based substrate manufacturer to earn the prestigious RHP certification on June 27, 2022. 

RHP is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands that manages and develops the RHP quality mark. The knowledge center’s mark increases the security that substrates meet the quality requirements for water uptake, air content, pH, EC and nutrients. The RHP quality mark is the world’s most stringent quality standard for the growing media industry. By choosing products with the RHP quality mark, a grower has more security that their growing media will be consistently clean and safe for their culture and perform as expected. 

“This certification is a testament not only to the hard work the team puts in each and every day, but also the quality of HydraFiber itself,” Jennifer Neujahr, senior director of business development at Profile, said. “RHP has certified HydraFiber to be used up to 50% by volume in substrates, which is higher than any other comparable substrate. We’ve always known HydraFiber is a quality raw material, but this certification lets new and existing customers know that too.” 

The rigorous certification process includes lab analyses and grow tests to identify if any weeds, pests and other pathogenic organisms are in the product. Each phase of the growing media process is monitored, from raw material extraction to processing and delivery, to ensure standards are met. Only phytosanitary, raw materials of known origin are used in certified products. 

“This process reaffirms that HydraFiber is what we say it is — that we’re living up to our claims day in and day out to make a quality product that’s safe and reliable,” Neujahr said. 

HydraFiber is a uniquely engineered fiber substrate with low bulk density designed to improve consistency, porosity and water availability for plants. The patented substrate has superior water-holding capacity due to the small-diameter, long, thin strands with large surface area, which stimulates better root development and healthier plants. All HydraFiber products are proven, environmentally friendly amendments and alternatives to perlite, peat and coir.